Dr. James Tickel has been living the holistic lifestyle or as he likes to call it, "the art of things natural," his entire life. He was born in the small town of Oswego, IL., approximately one hour outside of Chicago. Both his father and mother are healers. Both are world-renowned in the field of Chiropractic. His father who has since passed, was one of the old time chiros who stressed the importance of not just adjusting the bones, but also the bone-heads. His father empowered people by showing them that the healer is within them, not without. Healing to him was an inside job. One of his many mantras was "I am a healer, because I am healing!"

Dr. Tickel's mother, still in practice, raised her children to eat well and condition their bodies through regular exercise. Prior to chiropractic college she was an Olympic field hockey player, thus her drive for exercise and physical conditioning. Today she maintains her physical body with a strict regimen of yoga and regular, 20 plus mile, bike rides. Along with exercise, as you might imagine, kale, collards and every other leafy green where staples in Tickel families macrobiotic based diets. Having seen the fruits of the healthy living Dr. Tickel, one of his older brothers and one of his younger brothers all became chiropractors.

Life College of Chiropractic (2006)
Doctor of Chiropractic, Georgia

New College of California (2003)

Member of the Illinois Chiropractic Society
Member of the Illinois Prairie State Chiropractic Association
Member of Chirosource
Member of Chicago Speakers Association

Therapist Qualifications

  Doctor of Chiropractic, Life College of Chiropractic
  Knee Chest Upper Cervical, Level 1 Certification (250 hrs)
 Carrick Institute of Graduate Studies, Clinical Neuroscience Studies (30 hrs)
  Bio Geometric Integration Technique, Course Level 1 and 2 (60 hrs)
 Demartini Institute, The Breakthrough Experience (40 hrs)