Headache Relief with Cranial Therapy

Headaches are a common ailment experienced everyday by millions of people. Often times stress is the main cause. A recent study on 49 people demonstrated that cranialsacral therapy, a light touch therapy, showed huge improvements in peoples pain caused by cervicogenic headaches.  Click on the link to get the full case study. LINK

I have been utilizing cranialsacral therapy in my office for over a decade. I have seen it help with neck pain, headaches, hormonal stress and even difficulties sleeping.  I know this time of year can cause a huge amount of stress, especially for those of you going back to school. This month we are running a back to school special for all teachers, faculty and staff. Call and schedule your complimentary exam and you will receive a free cranialsacral therapy and energy work session! Share this on your page with someone who needs it or call today if that person is you! 434-260-6463

About the Author: Dr Tickel is one of seven chiropractors in his family. He has been practicing chiropractic, spinal decompression and several other energetic healing modalities for over a decade. Utilizing the bodies natural healing abilities he is able to get you out of pain, maximize your performance and help you heal your life.

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