Stress, on stress, on stress!

Baby alert!

Let’s face it – whether we thrive on it or hate it, stress is everywhere in our lives – at home, at work, and infused into the way we live our lives. Stressors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and only slightly inconvenient; others are major and life-changing. Stressors can be physical, mental, chemical, or emotional, but regardless of the form the stress takes, the body naturally reacts to all stress in the same way. This reaction is what leads to anxiety, tension, and depression, as well as more complex and serious health problems, including high blood pressure, heart disease, digestive problems, and some types of cancer.

As many of you know my wife and I had our first child this month. His name is Liam. What an amazing and life changing experience! Along with the joy of everything came stress. Much of this stress was not only felt by my wife and I, but our baby Liam.

Time to Get Checked

I have been in practice for almost a decade and adjusted hundreds of kids. People sometimes will ask or say, “Why do I need to get my kids adjusted?” My answer then and definitely my answer now is, “Because the birth process is one of the most amazing, but traumatic experiences you will ever go through.” Getting a infant checked it so important to maximise health and wellness.

Starting off on the Right Foot.

Prolonged stress in young children can slow — or even stop — both brain development and physical growth. Prolonged exposure to cortisol released during the stress response can cause long-term damage to the developing brain, and can negatively affect the immune system. Remember physical, mental and chemical stress is all around us and will always be around us. Getting your spine aligned, eating whole foods, water, mindfulness and movement are essential for you and your entire family.

As always I appreciate you and looking forward to serving you in the future.

Dr Tickel

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