Massage Therapy

Massage provides many physical, emotional and mental benefits to improve your well-being! Massage increases circulation, relaxes muscular tension, reduces pain, encourages lymphatic drainage and improves flexibility. Our massage therapists are experienced, multi-talented individuals who are ready to help you in your wellness journey.

Carol Quigless

Carol Quigless

Maggie Walsh

Maggie Walsh

Appointments on Tuesdays

Carol is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Virginia and North Carolina, a Reiki Master Teacher, Aromatherapy Specialist and Nutritional Chef. Her specialties are medical, joint and lymphatic drainage massage using Russian medical massage techniques, cupping, and myofascial release.

Carol also has her own line of therapeutic pesticide-free, unadulterated essential oil blends named MedEssential Oils. Dr. Tickel stocks her products if you’re interested in purchasing them, and may use them, such as her lymphatic drainage cream, during your treatment.

Carol Quigless Massage

MedEssential Oils

Appointments on Wednesdays

Maggie is a Licensed Massage Therapist in New York and Virginia, a 200-hour Certified Yoga Instructor and a Certified New York City Special Education Teacher.

Maggie has experience working with a variety of athletes, pre- and post- natal woman, individuals with frequent migraines, TMJ Syndrome, fibromyalgia, hip and knee replacements and cancer. Maggie utilizes a combination of myofascial and scar tissue release, trigger point therapy, shiatsu, and cupping.

Maggie Walsh Massage